Acolytes Rum

Entire Packaging Design Program


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Client: Spiritueux Acolytes Inc. Executive Creative Director: Nicolas Quintal Creative Director: David Roger Associate Creative Director: Mathieu Lacombe Designer: Edouard Coune, Janila Dargan Writer: Nicolas Dubois Producer: Scott Russell Strategist: Suzy Truong Group Account Director: Alex Lefebvre Account Services: ÉLiane Chartier Client Supervisor: Michel Olivier Girard Chief Creative Officer: Aaron Starkman, Mike Dubrick Chief Strategy Officer: Sean McDonald

When we developed the name and design of this new brand of flavoured rums, we wished to highlight its communal side - designed from the bottle up to be shared with friends. Hence its name, Acolytes, and its unique label where everyone who partakes can leave their mark. Bottles made to become cherished keepsakes of good times and good friends.