Add The M

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Client: YWCA Metro Vancouver Chief Creative Officer: Mike Dubrick Creative Director: Joel Holtby, Leia Rogers Art Director: Skye Deluz, Hayley Hinkley Writer: Jacquelyn Parent Strategist: Nicole Rajesky Chief Strategy Officer: Sean McDonald Chief Creative Officer: Aaron Starkman Producer: Teresa Bayley, Kyle Hicks Studio Artist: Brad Kumar, Todd Bennett Editor: Tyler Erdalac, Thomas McKeen Developer: Brad Stapleton, Steve Lam Account Services: Kat McKeen, Kennedy Crawford, Nicole Kerrigan, Jessie Durand Strategic Communications Lead: Meredith Montgomery Brand Narrative: Sara Lemmermeyer Editorial Lead: Lianne George PR Coordinator: Kaitlyn Vian Client Supervisor: Amy Juschka Audio House: Grayson Music

Have you ever wondered why men’s sports are just called sports, but women’s sports are called women’s sports? We did. So, we worked with YWCA’s across Canada to add the missing M to men’s sports logos and start a conversation about gender equity in sport.