Airport City

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The Edmonton International Airport is in the process of turning the land that surrounds the airport into an incubator for local businesses and entertainment. And they needed a place to showcase all these exciting developments. So, why not turn their highest profile communication piece, their annual report, into an equally exciting online destination?

Voice: 780-424-7000
Website: ddb.ca

Winner: DDB Canada Creative Director: Eva Polis Art Director: Howard Poon, Adnan Huseinovic, Matthew Cabaj Copywriter: Krystin Royan, Eva Polis, Brittany Dakins Strategists: Alana Williams, Kate Leadbeater Designer: Derrick Johnson, Matthew Cabaj Developer: Matsuko Friedland Designer: Keaton Lockwood Project Manager: Neha Kumari Developer: Bart Nagel, Carol Ozar