Antisemitism is Not Old News

Cause-Related Creative Response - Series


Public Inc., Toronto, ON
e: talk@publicinc.com
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Chief Executive Officer: Phillip Haid Chief Creative Officer: Guy Barnett Creative Director: Jon Lane, Jason Levine Art Director: Ben Egnal Copywriter: Adam Langton Designer: Luisa Boajaca Director, Creative Impact: Paul Rivait VP, Client Services: Adrienne Rand Client Service Director: Rosana Rampersaud Client Service Coordinator: Mila Schneider Video Editor: John Ryan

Winning Website: toronto.ca/community-people/get-involved/community/toronto-for-all/confronting-antisemitism

In Toronto, the Jewish community is the most targeted group for hate crimes. We created 70 hand-stained and distressed newspapers – one for each reported instance of antisemitic hate in Toronto in 2021. Each newspaper included resources to help readers become allies to the Jewish community. Out-of-Home transit shelter posters and social ads depicted three distinct newspaper covers. The campaign was covered by 20+ national and international media outlets, generating 12.5 million impressions.