Archives lesbiennes

Entire Book Design - Single


Harrison Fun Studio, Montreal, QC
t: 514-961-2121
e: hello@harrisonfun.com
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Client: Quebec Lesbian Network Design Studio: Harrison Fun Studio Executive Creative Director: Francis Desrosiers Designer: Nathalie Dubé, Clara Auda, Louis Dollé Executive Producer: Amélie Madrid Production Manager: Marika Robert Production Artist: Josée Huot Printing Company: Graphiscan Binder & Finishing: BookArt

While the second volume is still in progress, we designed this first volume of the Lesbian Archives for the Quebec Lesbian Network. This non-exhaustive anthology wishes to revisit the history of women who have marked lesbian history from yesterday to today. The mandate was to keep the essence of a traditional archive while exploring a more editorial and contemporary look and feel in order to allow us to reinvent the archive book and turn it into a collection piece.