Art Frenzy

Poster - Series


DDB Canada
t: 780-424-7000

Winner: DDB Canada Creative Director: Eva Polis Art Director: Adnan Huseinovic Designer: Adnan Huseinovic Copywriter: Eva Polis Production Manager: Debbie Shinehoft Senior Strategist: Helene Leggatt Account Director: Rachel Henderson Illustrator: Cristian Iacob

The Southern Alberta Art Gallery’s (SAAG) annual art auction is an important fundraiser for the gallery, supporting its contemporary exhibits. This annual event always draws a good crowd, but the branding was nonexistent. The event was called Art Auction. That’s it. Nothing else. With a new executive director at the helm, the SAAG wanted the branding of the auction to rise to the level of its boundary-pushing exhibits – making this the perfect opportunity to introduce a progressive new brand.