Baillat Studio - 7 Year Anniversary

Artist/Design Firm Promotions - Series


Baillat Studio, Montreal, QC
e: info@baillat.ca
w: baillatstudio.com

Creative Director: Jean-Sébastien Baillat Graphic Designer: Claudia Deneault Robillard, Jean-Sébastien Baillat, Gabriel Cance Animator: Romane Bechu, Till Kraus Photographer: Nik Mirus Digital Artist: Georg Fasswald Writer: Steve Savage Compositor: Homy Studio Project Manager: Samuel Gauvreau Des Aulniers

Winning Website: baillatstudio.com/fr/projet/baillat-7-ans

In 2022, we blew out our seventh candle signifying our reaching the age of reason. To mark this event, we designed and produced 7 unique posters, also serving as an invitation to a dance party, built using a system of layers. Combined with a set of opacity, this system allows the realization of posters combining soft minimalism and maximalist audacity; in the image of the studio's practice.