Bourgie Hall 10th Season

Entire Promotional Design Program


Paprika, Montreal, QC
t: 514-276-6000
e: production@paprika.com
w: paprika.com

Creative Director: Louis Gagnon Art Director: Daniel Robitaille Designer: Vedran Vaskovic, Marianne St-Pierre Camera/Lighting: Fondation Arte Musica Client: Fondation Arte Musica

For its 10th anniversary, Bourgie Hall is looking for a campaign that focuses on the multiplicity of its programming and the musical genres that fill its museum space. In collage exercise, the number 10 is created through the entanglement of the various instruments featured. These constructions are combined with a colour palette composed of yellow, pink and soft green, as well as a visual direction inspired by silver photography in order to create a campaign as noble as it is contemporary.