Breast Cancer Canada - Know More - No More

Public Service/Charity - Series


One Twenty Three West, Vancouver, BC
w: 123w.ca

Design Studio: One Twenty Three West Client: Breast Cancer Canada Executive Creative Director: Mo Bofill, Rob Sweetman, Bryan Collins, Jeff Harrison Designer: Teresa Tam, Justin Close Art Director: Marie Cermakova Copywriter: Addie Gillespie, Carla Hawkins Vice President: Caroline Howson Account Director: Andrea Tam Producer: Ninette Aves Planner: Jared Gill Photographer: Tyler Bowditch, Dina Roudman CGI Artist: JM Chadillon

Our rebranding strategy focused on reframing BCC's progress and research in an elegant and modern way. A core brand idea of Progress is Beautiful, became the foundational criteria that all of our future work would be held to. This strategy also influenced the campaign and creative platform, 'Know More Breast Cancer which uses 'know' and 'no' as a double entendre, framing the idea that the more we know about breast cancer, the sooner we can end it.