Call For No Entries

Promotional Messaging - Single


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Client: The Advertising Club of Edmonton Ad Agency: FKA Executive Creative Director: Craig Markou Design Director: Gord Montgomery Copywriter: Colin Christiansen, Colin Winn, Craig Markou Art Director: Gord Montgomery Client: Pablo Herrera Cruz, Michelle Fowler Senior Strategist: Rob Jennings Senior Account Manager: Larissa Kho Communications Manager: Rory O'Neil Service Delivery Manager: Larissa Funk

Canadian agencies put a lot of effort into responding to Call for Entries from award shows like Cannes, The Clios, and The Effies. So, how does a regional show that's only open to Edmonton-based agencies generate buzz during this time? By sending Call for No Entries posters to the country's top Creative Directors, and informing them that the ACE Awards was possibly the only show they weren't going to win. Afterwards, the ACE Awards annual was sent to them to showcase the local work.