Camp Rethink

Design Other - Series



Winner: Rethink Creative Director: Leia Rogers, Morgan Tierney, Pamela Rounis Art Director: Pamela Rounis, Abrie Miller, Alex Bakker Designer: Pamela Rounis, Abrie Miller, Alex Bakker Illustrator: Jake Hope, Abrie Miller, Charmaine Cheng Writer: Cameron Spires, Evan Kane, Hannah Prystay Producer: Sarah Lee, April Haffenden, Claire Khan Studio Artist: Jan Day, Jonathon Cesar, Steve Holme Account Manager: Tianna Fung Printing Company: Promosapien, Promo Plus Advertising, Genumark, SEEN Signs, Digitech, Uno Digital Screen Press, EcoDigiTec Sublimation, Clubcard Printing, Total Graphics, BC Stamp Works, Kunshan Morewel Textile Co.

To celebrate our agency’s 20th anniversary, we needed to do something big - both to celebrate our team, and show Rethink’s culture is second to none. After all, an agency can't thrive if the people who work there aren't happy campers. Camp Rethink was a mix of throwback camp culture, team-building, goal setting...and big ass party. Campers left refreshed and connected, awarding us our highest internal culture check scores ever, and making 2019 a record-breaking year for new hires.