Canadian Indigenous Photographers Exhibition

Young Blood Entire Design Program


Bradian Esteban Medina Arango, Kingston, ON
t: 613-985-5006
e: bradian228@gmail.com
w: behance.net/EstebanArango30

Young Blood: Bradian Esteban Medina Arango Art Director: Bradian Esteban Medina Arango Graphic Designer: Bradian Esteban Medina Arango Photographer: Bradian Esteban Medina Arango, Westend61, Alejandro Veligura, Elena Olesik, Annawin, FangXiaNuo, Johner Images, Farouk Animashaun, THEPALMER

The Canadian Indigenous Photographers Exhibition features a wide range of stunning photographs documenting the richness of Canadian Indigenous cultures. The artists tell stories that challenge stereotypes and celebrate cultural pride in a land many hold in high esteem. The brand identity uses bold typography, massive geometrical shapes, and duotone inspired by Canadian Indigenous Art. The pixelated elements demonstrate the combination of digital and analog photography.