Citizen Relations Rebrand

Logo Applications - Series


Citizen Relations, Toronto, ON
t: 416-206-8305
e: evan.sue-ping@citizenrelations.com
w: citizenrelations.com

Chief Creative Officer: Josh Budd Creative Director: Mike Lo Nam, Abeer Verma Associate Creative Director: Anton Mwewa, Travis Myers Art Director: Anton Mwewa Copywriter: Travis Myers Designer: MyoNaing Illidge Client: Sue Jackman, SVP, Marketing

Our name comes with a responsibility, both to the people within our walls and the world at large. The new Citizen brand identity reflects the nature of the agency: interconnected elements that build off each other as part of a larger whole. Collaboration is at our core, so the new logo is made using letters that extend to support each other, dynamically approach multiple angles, and hatch together to create a pattern effect that's evocative of the diverse connections that make up the team.