Cracked Canoe

Wine/Beer/Spirits - Series


Sid Lee

Sid Lee Executive Creative Direction: Dave Roberts Creative Direction: Tom Koukodimos Art Direction: Sarah Foelske Designer: Alex Boland, Flavio Carvalho, Sarah Foelske, Gabriel Lefebvre Copywriting: Pip Scowcroft Account Director: Eve Remillard-Larose Account Manager: Matty Bendavid Account Coordinator: Alicia Brennan VP, Strategy: Dustin Rideout Senior Strategist: Jerry Ferguson Print Production: M&H Graphics Director, Integrated Production: Karla Ramirez Project Manager: Phu Pham Retouching: Whitney Taylor

Cracked Canoe is a light lager brewed by one of the oldest independent brewers in Canada. Understanding the moment of truth for beer brands at point of purchase, we aimed to create an identity and packaging that stood out on shelf. The design is rooted in literal interpretation of the name, Cracked Canoe, and offers a bold, yet simple branded approach that’s not common in the category, but familiar in the life of our consumer.