Cuvée 2020

COVID-19 Response - Series


BangBang, Montreal, QC
t: 514-638-BANG
e: info@bangbang.ca
w: bangbang.ca

Art Director: Simon Laliberte Graphic Designer: Antoine Claude Project Coordinator: Marion Saint-Sernin Photographer: Arielle Livernoche Design Studio: BangBang

After a rather special year marked by a craze for natural wines and, of course, a global pandemic, we wanted to immortalize the new 2020 Quebec clichés in a series of thematic packaging containing 70% ethyl alcohol. High in alcohol content, complicated to describe, difficult to classify, and leaves a bitter taste in your mouth—here are the bottles of our Cuvée 2020, produced in a limited edition. Shipped randomly, this series of fifty bottles of 750ml will serve as a thank you to customers.