Dumouchel Matrices et estampes

Entire Design Program


Paprika, Montreal, QC
t: 514-267-6000
e: production@paprika.com
w: paprika.com

Creative Director: Louis Gagnon Art Director: Daniel Robitaille Creative Director: Daniel Robitaille Designer: Xavier Trudeau Client: Centre de design de l'UQAM

Winning Website: centrededesign.com

Dumouchel: matrices et estampes is an exhibition devoted to the key role played by matrices. of Albert Dumouchel. The presentation of fifty matrices accompanied by prints illustrates the approach of this experimental artist. A campaign program was created, anchored in the printmaking technique. Taking as a point of pride the matrix and its resultant, the campaign unfolds a typographic game completed in posters, title wall and giant banners, all mounted on white or black canvas.