Complete Rebrand Identity Program


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VP, Creative Director: David Kessous VP, Strategy: Marc-André Fafard VP, Account Services: Ingrid Roussel Designer: Yanick Giroux, Karine Allie Copywriter: Marcus Hildebrandt, Cameron Hudson, Megan Lauzier, Marie-Ève Leclerc-Dion Account Services: Laure Hamonic, Mélissa Gilbert, Ingrid Roussel, Julie Bégin Agency Production: Claudine Lambert, Alex Fillion, Antoine Hallé, Simon L. Dubé, Mélanie Thérien, Julie Hotte, Manon Rémillard Client: Englobe

Englobe, a leader in the fields of the environment, engineering, soil treatment and biomass, began an expansion phase in Canada and Europe a few years back, acquiring complementary firms. The various brand identities and corporate cultures, however, diluted the brand's essence. Englobe's new brand image reflects the company's unifying elements.