Espace Go Theatre - Season 2021-2022

Entire Design Program


lg2, Montreal, QC
t: 514-281-8901
e: dvtmtl@lg2.com
w: lg2.com

VP, Account Services: Ingrid Roussel Creative Director: Élise Cropsal, Julien Jean Designer: Sarah Déry, Vanille Windenberger UI Designer: Sophie Girardeau UX Designer: Joël Auchu Strategist: Arthur Rollet, Julie Lemonde Account Services: Constance Delill, Chloé Castonguay Photographer (posters): Jean-François Sauvé Photographer (Case-study): Thanh Pham Performance Analyst: Allyson Dimin, Coralie Brindle Project Management, Production: Mélanie Therrien Technical Director: Romain Prache Developer: Adrien Vanderpotte, Jean-Simon Bondaz, Dave-Enrick Proulx, Irene Sierraalta Quality Assurance: Marc-Antoine Leclerc Graphic Production: Louis Dorval Mac Artist: Frédéric St-Denis Photo Production House: Alt Productions Photo Producter: Andrée-Lyne Jacques Client: Espace Go

In 2021, theatre Espace GO wanted to reassert its mission: to embody a space of creation and theatrical presentation dedicated to the exploration of women artists' imaginations. ESPACE GO's logo was modified: The coloured walls on either side of the GO monogram were removed, leaving only the frame, giving the logo more openness and lightness. It is now at the core of a flexible, modular platform, which acts as a neutral canvas for presenting the theatre's plays, artists and initiatives.