Expect the Unexpected

Young Blood Entire Design Program


LG2, Quebec/Montreal/Toronto
t: 418-263-8901
e: concoursqc@lg2.com
w: lg2.com

Young Blood: Nicolas Poulin Account Manager: Marilyne Beaudoin, Alexandre Normand Lead Strategy: Christine Larouche Creative Director: Jacques De Varennes Art Director: Nicolas Poulin Motion Graphics Artist: Marie-Ève Roussy, Daniel Martinez-Mendoza Production Manager: Julie Pichette Infographist: Sylvain Grégoire, Isabelle Bélanger, Marc Rivest, Olivia Lapierre-Fortin Digital lead: Alexandre Normand Art Director: David Boivin Chief Creative Officer: Luc Du Sault, Marc Fortin Copywriter: Béatrice Lachance Client: Festival Fiestra

Held four times a year, following the rhythm of the seasons, Fiestra is a new family festival in Quebec City that offers unexpected encounters between different Art styles and disciplines. The new brand is just as unique and entertaining as its concept, a zany identity that is both festive and surprising.