Fear Windows

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Client: La Maison grise de Montréal Executive Creative Director: Xavier Blais Art Director: Mathieu Lacombe, Preto Murara Writer: Charles Côté Strategist: Suzy Truong Producer: Annick D’Auteuil Director: Preto Murara, Charles Côté Offline Editor: Alijah Monckton Online Editor: Etienne Bergeron Director of Photography: Jean-François Sauvé Account Services: Gabrielle Bergeron Media Amplification: Sara Lemmermeyer, Meredith Montgomery, Gabrielle Bergeron Client Supervisor: Danielle Rouleau, Nathalie Lamarche Audio House: Circonflex Screen Printing: BangBang Chief Creative Officer: Aaron Starkman, Mike Dubrick Chief Strategy Officer: Sean McDonald

Decorating for Halloween has become so much more than placing a Jack-o’-lantern on the doorstep. Each year, more and more households go all-out to make their homes as spooky and frightening as possible for the occasion. But in many households across Quebec, there’s something far more frightening going on behind closed doors that passerby rarely see– acts of domestic violence. It’s in this context that we – in collaboration with the shelter La Maison grise – launched a campaign called “Fear Windows” that showcases truly terrifying Halloween decorations inspired by scenes of domestic violence.