First Light Invitation Design

Promotional-Announcements/Invitations/Cards/Kits - Single


Elizabeth Vegh (arithmetic )
t: 604-669-2229
e: info@arithmeticcreative.com
w: arithmeticcreative.com

Winner: Arithmetic Creative Director: Margherita Porra Production Manager: Elizabeth Vegh Designer: Rachel Sanvido

First Light was an exhibition celebrating the ephemeral work of Seattle-based artist John Hogan. Sculpted from molten glass, Hogan’s work interplays nature and light. The invitation we created for events held within the exhibition space uses light as a transportive element, emoting the quality and feel of the artist’s distinctive work. Designed with a removable layer, the core acrylic portion of the invitation served as a piece of art that could be kept and displayed within people’s homes.