Gallery 64

Craft - Photography - Series


Design Army, Washington, DC
e: info@designarmy.com
w: designarmy.com

Chief Creative Officer: Pum Lefebure Creative Director: Mariela Hsu, Heloise Condroyer Art Director: Chris Zafeiradis Executive Creative Director: Sucha Becky Project Manager: Jake Lefebure Designer: Chloe Jung, Yeri Choi, Ziyi Xu, Tony Kim Photographer: Dean Alexander Design Studio: Design Army Client: LOWE

Gallery 64 branding is expressive, artful, and diverse. The many variations of the 64 are used to represent all aspects of art from textile design to break-dancing, while the curated photography visuals were concepted as modern pop-art. The brand colors are primary yet polished, and the brand patterns allow for a controlled graphic volume based on application.