Geminai Rising

Content-Gaming - Single


DDB Canada
t: 780-424-7000

Winner: DDB Canada Creative Director: Eva Polis Art Director: Matthew Cabaj, Howard Poon Designer: Paulina Van Vliet, Ray Lam, Tyler Balser Copywriter: Eva Polis, Derrick Johnson, Krystin Royan, Eva Polis Digital Strategist: Kate Leadbeater Digital Project Manager: Neha Kumari Strategist: Geoff Grimble Account Executive: Ilhaam Jiwaji Developer: Dustin English Video Production / Audio Production / Editing: Cory John Illustrator: Sean Vo, Grady Frederick UX: Nina Belojevic Audio House: Koko Productions Animation House: Sequence Group

Teens entering junior high face social pressures to experiment. This interactive digital experience turns their classrooms into virtual escape rooms where they work together to solve challenges that determine the outcome of the game. Along the way they develop critical thinking skills that help them think and act for themselves.