Heinz Ketchup Fraud

Craft - Photography - Series


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Client: Kraft Heinz Chief Creative Officer: Aaron Starkman, Mike Dubrick, Daniel Lobatón Chief Strategy Officer: Sean McDonald Executive Creative Director: Xavier Blais Creative Director: Skye Deluz, Jacquelyn Parent, Fernando Hernandez Writer: Jacquelyn Parent, Nicolas Dubois, Xavier Blais Art Director: Skye Deluz, Hayley Hinkley Strategist: Julian Morgan, Emma Bayfield, Clément Martin, Pascal Routhier, Tricia Lapidario Integrated Producer: Kate A. Spencer Post Production House: R+D Productions Post Supervisor: Megan O’Connor, Shannon Ing Studio Artist: Brad Kumar, Justin Chan, Kostas Loukopoulos Account Services: Adam Ball, Jamie Sutherland, David Greisman, Catherine Blouin-Mainville, Jamie Flatow, Rachel Cloth Photographer: Ale Burset Production: Wolf Credo Production Co Executive Producer: Marcela Moracci Line Producer: Mariano Legname García, Ariel Ticona Molina Editor: Eugene Aglushevich Online: Frame Distillery VFX, Rob Del Ciancio Colorist: Emmett Maloney Audio House: Grayson Music PR Agency: Zeno Group Media Agency: Starcom Client Supervisor: Megan Lang

Through social listening, Heinz learned that restaurants all around the world were getting caught refilling their Heinz bottles with generic ketchup. So, they launched Ketchup Fraud, a 360 campaign calling out this real behaviour, with caught-in-the-act style photography inspired by the look and feel of social media. The campaign inspired fans to demand they be served the real deal, proving to restaurants all around the world - it has to be Heinz.