Heinz Vintage Drip

Content-Social/Viral/Promotional - Series


Rethink, Toronto/Montreal/Vancouver/New York, ON
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Client: Kraft Heinz Chief Creative Officer: Aaron Starkman, Mike Dubrick Associate Creative Director: Geoff Baillie Creative Director: Zachary Bautista Writer: Geoff Baillie, Aman Soin, Brendan Scullion Senior Art Director: Matt Dunn Art Director: Zachary Bautista, Ashley Park, Max Bingham Strategist: Julian Morgan Broadcast Producer: Alex Butt Producer: AJ Merrick, Agnes Gilchrist Post Supervisor: Megan O'Connor, Shannon Ing Studio Artist: Brad Kumar Group Account Director: Jamie Sutherland Account Director: David Greisman, Kai De Bruyn Kops Account Manager: Emily Anzarouth, Rachel Cloth Director: Nikki Ormerod Photographer: Nikki Ormerod Cinematographer: Nina Djacic Production Company: Undivided Creative Executive Producer: Scott Houghton Line Producer: Scott Houghton Additional Photography: Nick Greaves Editor: Tyler Erdelac Post-Production Company: Gimmick Studios Colourist: Ismaël Ouattara Post-Production Company: Post-Moderne Music/Sound: OSO Audio PR Agency: Middle Child, Zeno Group Media Agency: Carat, Starcom Printing Company: TI Group

With new artificial intelligence text-to-image programs taking over the internet, Heinz had to kno—wwhat does A.I. think ketchup looks like? It turns out that just like humans, A.I. prefers Heinz. After using advanced image generator DALL-E 2 to search for everything from “ketchup scuba diving” to “ketchup in outer space”, we found that a lot of the results looked just like bottles of Heinz. Heinz fans got involved by sharing their own suggestions for ketchup image prompts, with the best ones being turned into social posts and print ads, helping us to create the first ever ad campaign with visuals generated entirely by artificial intelligence.