Herschel Bank of Creativity

Entire Promotional Design Program


Rethink, Toronto/Montreal/Vancouver/New York
t: 416-583-2178
w: rethinkideas.com

Client: Herschel Supply Co. Executive Creative Director: Leia Rogers, Morgan Tierney Creative Director: Sheldon Rennie Art Director: Jake Hope, Eric Seymour Writer: Jordon Lawson Producer: Megan Flett, Kerry Bhangu Photographer: Stephen Wilde, Leon Lee Videographer: Hayden Rensch Editor: Francisco Fuentes Strategist: Darren Yada, Gemma Fox Brand Narrative: Sara Lemmermeyer, Meredith Montgomery, Kaitlyn Vian Account Services: Kat McKeen, Josh Gilmore, Ida Lotfi Client Supervisor: Jared Whiteside, Jon Hoerauf, Braden Hoeppner, Dominic Prevost Chief Creative Officer: Aaron Starkman, Mike Dubrick Chief Strategy Officer: Sean McDonald PR Agency: Shadow PR Supplier: The Experiential Agency Inc

A lack of resources, mentorship and little financial support can make taking the leap into a creative career extremely difficult. To ensure the next-generation of creatives got what they need to succeed, Herschel, a brand known for championing creativity, opened a bank. Then invited underrepresented creatives to meet with renowned creative advisors to get the entrepreneurial advice they need and the resources no one else would give them.