ICOM Brochure

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Joel McCurdy (Rethink)
w: rethinkcanada.com

Winner: Rethink Client: ICOM Creative Director: Hans Thiessen, Chris Staples, Ian Grais Art Director: Alex Bakker Designer: Alex Bakker Writer: Alex Bakker Producer: Kerry Bhangu Studio Artist: Jan Day, Jonathon Cesar, Thomas McKeen Paper Supplier: Brenda Cofield Printing Company: Total Graphics Account Director: Glen Chalcraft

ICOM is a global network of independent creative agencies across more than 60 countries. In 2019, they gathered for their annual global conference, focusing on ‘The Power of Fusion’ as a theme. We created a conference identity centered around fusing, dynamic forms, inspired by the ICOM logo. The resulting forms represent the power of blending ideas – where unexpected results challenge conventional thinking and unlock new points of view.