K72—a curious blend

Promotional-Artist/Design Firm Promotions - Single



Winner: K72 Creative Director: Chantal Gobeil Art Director: Mélanie Laviolette, Hamie Robitaille, Romain Joveneau, Jean-Nicolas Duval Copywriter: Gabriel Allaire, Isabelle Neault, Mathieu Roy

As a metaphor for the motley crew that makes up the agency, the K72 team created lollipops containing real insects. Combining the delicate flavours of taro, jasmine, and peach along with the wild tastes and textures of worms and grasshoppers, these candies were the perfect treat for celebrating the mix of familiar and strange that any day can bring. Stylish boxes containing a trio of these sweet surprises, along with an agency manifesto, were sent to all K72 clients and collaborators.