Ka'Wine & Dine

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Winner: Rethink Client: Raptors Republic Creative Director: Joel Holtby, Mike Dubrick Writer: Mike Dubrick Art Director: Joel Holtby Designer: Joel Holtby, Jake Lim Illustrator: Brandon Methner Creative Director: Aaron Starkman, Christina Yu Developer: Brad Stapleton Strategy: Sean McDonald Producer: Wes Schyngera, Narine Artinian, Erica Metcalfe Account Manager: Scott Lyons, Sara Lemmermeyer, Rob Jankowski

In May 2019, the Toronto Raptors were entering the NBA Playoffs with incredible momentum. With a bolstered roster featuring one of the best players in the NBA, Kawhi Leonard, a championship title for the team and for the city had never been within such close reach. Raptors Republic launched ‘Ka’Wine and Dine’- an initiative where restaurants placed a badge in their windows, pledging to give Kawhi free food for life if he re-signed to the Toronto Raptors.