Les Amants du Diamant

Entire Promotional Design Program


LG2, Quebec/Montreal/Toronto
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Creative Director: Jacques De Varennes Designer: Sonia Delisle, Mira Moscatel-Gauthier Art Director: Sonia Delisle, Mira Moscatel-Gauthier Account Director: Charlotte Fabre, Marilyne Beaudoin Motion Graphics Artist: Daniel Martinez-Mendoza Photographer: Stéphane Bourgeois, Catherine Tétreault Production Company: Astronef Studio Mac Artist: Marc Rivest, Sylvain Grégoire Producer: Audrey Pedneault Director: Paul Laberge Director of Photography: Dylan Page Sound Designer: Jean-Philippe Lepage Colourist: Julie Pelletier Makeup Artist: Brigitte Bilodeau Costumes: Jeanne Lapierre Creative Director: Steve Blanchet Choreographer: Geneviève Duong, Mikael Xystra Montminy Communication Director: Dany Martel Copywriter: Élise Rousseau Production Manager: Louise Roussel Technical Director: Simon Cloutier Chief Machinist: Christophe Deschênes Gaffer: Jessica Farinet Head Rigger: Nicolas Dostie Graphic Designer: Félix Duchesneau Fournier Client: Le Diamant

Le Diamant theater flirted with the art of the forbidden to revamp the visual and experiential platform for its loyalty program, Amants du Diamant (literally, Diamond Lovers). It sparked the idea of building around a Disloyalty Program. Inspired by the legend The Red Thread of Fate, the erotic art of shibari, captured in a performance art video, was used to entwine Le Diamant in bold red rope. The rope's symbolism and the language of intimacy dominate the Disloyalty Program's communications.