Brand Identity-Logo Applications-Complete - Series


Harrison Fun
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Winner: Harrison Fun Client: Les Enfants Creative Director: Francis Desrosiers Designer: Francis Desrosiers Executive Producer: Lisa Arduini Web Agency: Le Seisme Programmer: Le Seisme 2D Animator: Nord Est Studio Animated Collage Art: Vincent Bilodeau Photographer: Kelly Jacob Model: Justin Model Agency: Folio

New graphic identity for the Commercial production house: LES ENFANTS. Use of a strong and simple font that contrasts with the finesse of the previous logo. The difference between the upstrokes & downstrokes and the lines of the font ”ISOTOPE’’ bring a singularity. The palette of 14 colors selected to identify the 14 directors, applies to each one of them without being systematic. The symbol was created by two lines that represent the negative space of a Capital E. Numerous items were developed.