Les Printemps du MAC 2019 - Clash Kids

Pro Bono Design-Complete - Series


La Maison W
w: lamaisonw.ca

Winner: La Maison W Art Director: Alexandra Nolot Executive Creative Director: Nikolaos Lerakis Art Director: Virginie Malette Designer: Maxime Brunelle Art Director: Jean-François Gervais Photographer: Jimmi Francoeur Stylist: Sabrina Deslaurier Makeup Artist: Marika D'Auteuil Model: Julia Leblanc, Alex Nuku Photographer: Karel Chladek, Bruno Guérin, Sylvain Granier Event Planner: Tania Tassone

The committee gave us carte blanche to develop the identity of Clash Kids, the thirteenth edition of the annual Montreal's Contemporary Art Museum Ball. The theme we’ve chosen refers to the eccentric world of the creative Berlin of the 90s. Challenging the conventions leads to the emergence of new creative trends: the art of this underground period is daring, made of graffiti, torn posters and hard-hitting statements.