Lose the Gain

Promotional-Artist/Design Firm Promotions - Series


Leo Burnett, Toronto, ON

Co-Chief Creative Officers: Lisa Greenberg, Steve Persico Creative Directors: Anthony Chelvanathan, Manas Abrol Creative Director Design and Designer: Man Wai Wong Copywriter: Manas Abrol Producer: Ingrid Kroboth Print Producer: Gord Cathmoir Account Executive: Adam Reisman Creative Resource Manager: Lyndsay Cattermole Photographer: Mike Tjioe Printer: Nicholas Harrison

2020 didn't just take a toll on our minds; it also took a big toll on our bellies. Months of inactivity, repeated trips to the fridge, and hours working from home made the holiday weight arrive well before the holidays. That's why to end the year on a lighter note, we wanted to help people lose what they've gained in 2020 with Lose the Gain: a collection of traditional holiday feasts that come with a slightly healthier twist to help drop the lockdown weight.