Madawaska Microbrewery

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LG2, Quebec/Montreal/Toronto
t: 418-263-8901
e: concoursqc@lg2.com
w: lg2.com

Creative Director: Jacques De Varennes Art Director: Anthony Verge Strategy: Gabrielle Jacques Account Manager: Marilyne Beaudoin Head of production: Julie Pichette Mac Artist: Sylvain Grégoire Client: Martin Rioux-Beaulieu, Éliane Deschesnes-Plourde Chief Creative Officer: Luc Du Sault, Marc Fortin

Located in Dégelis, the Madawaska Microbrewery draws its inspiration from the river of the same name that cuts through the city. The symbol, inspired by the full MADAWASKA letterhead, portrays the letter M and its reflection in its namesake's winding waters.