Mi’kai’sto - Red Crow Community College, Exterior Monument

Environmental-Signage - Single


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Design Director: Chris Herringer Designer: Monika Meyer, Shehrbano Akhtar Collaborating Artist: Adrian Stimson Industrial Designer: Aleks Bozovic Technical Designer: Colin Burrows Fabricator: WSI Sign Systems Photographer: Jason Dziver Client: Mi’kai’sto – Red Crow Community College

The Mi'kai'sto (Red Crow Community College) exterior monument stands as a landmark beacon in the Kainai community of Standoff, Alberta. Its design is derived from the form of a traditional Kainai stand-up headdress. The 22 colourfully patterned and illuminated poles stand in a circle with openings facing East and West, defining an accessible and intimate space for gathering, or the quiet contemplation of the Blackfoot values printed on several of the poles.