MOCA's Thinking Emoji

Experiential/Event Design-Complete - Single


Leo Burnett Toronto

Winner: Leo Burnett Toronto President: Ben Tarr Chief Creative Officer: Lisa Greenberg SVP, Creative Directors: Anthony Chelvanathan, Steve Persico Art Director: Natee Likitsuwankool Copywriter: Appanna Chetranda, Manas Abrol Producer: Tania Gaudio, Andre Williamson, Franca Piacente Print Producer: Gord Cathmoir

MOCA Toronto wanted to promote the Age of You, an exhibit about who we are today. So we took society’s online sharing behavior and created a symbol that asked the question; “If you don’t post a selfie, were you really here?”  Meet MOCA’s Thinking Emoji - a symbol that got people to rethink their sharing obsession. The Thinking Emoji popped up everywhere, and people did exactly as planned – they shared it, and in the process promoted the exhibit, making it the most visited in MOCA history.