Montreal International Jazz Festival 2019

Entire Promotional Design Program


Baillat Studio

Winner: Baillat Studio Creative Director: Jean-Sébastien Baillat Art Director: Jean-Sébastien Baillat, Louis Dollé Graphic Designer: Louis Dollé, Capucine Labarthe, Sara Thion, Flora Wierzbicki, Spectra Motion Graphics Artist: Olivier Beaudoin, Olivia Chan, Sindre Ulvik, Aaron Kaufman Project Manager: Véronique Thibault

The Montreal International Jazz Festival celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2019. Our Studio redefined the Festival’s look by highlighting its bold, summery vibe and its flourishing essence. Flowers and cacti shared the spotlight of this brightly hued campaign. Contrasting imagery and colour combinations showcased jazz’s dual nature: soft yet sharp, melodic yet dissonant.