Ontario en Couleur

Environmental-Complete Environment Design - Single


Paprika, Montreal, QC
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Creative Director: Louis Gagnon Art Director: Raymond Lanctot Landscape Architects: NIP Paysage Designer: Marianne St-Pierre Wayfinding: Signature Design Creative Director: Daniel Robitaille Client: Ville de Montréal

Winning Website: montreal.ca/lieux/promenade-ontario

The Ville de Montréal is repeating this pedestrianization initiative in the major commercial arteries. Entitled Ontario en couleur, the Promenade Ontario is adorned with a colourful palette of neighbourhood businesses that personify the diversity of Montreal. This quilted palette is combined with typography inspired by sign lettering. Piles of blocks identify the route, evoking wooden characters and calling out to passers-by as they stroll along, a route punctuated by rest areas.