Place Carmin

Complete Brand Identity Program


lg2, Montreal, QC
t: 514-281-8901

Creative Director: Élise Cropsal Designer: Sophie Valentine, Sarah Déry Account Services: Julie Bégin, Marine Léoture, Ingrid Roussel Agency Production: Geneviève Demers Project Manager, Production: Lydie Houle, Emmanuelle Gauthier-Laquerre Graphic Production: Julie Hotte, Joanie Evrard, Adrien Rioux-Richard, Michel Belisle Client: Place Carmin

Place Carmin, a new restaurant in Montreal takes its name from the deep red (carmin in French) of the apples on the trees surrounding the terrasse. The detailed interplay of shapes found in the space's architecture and furnishings inspired the brand platform, which conveys timelessness rather than trendiness.