President's Choice Children's Charity Rebrand

Public Service/Charity Design-Complete - Series


john st.

Winner: john st. Executive Design Director : Mooren Bofill Design Director: Jacqueline Lane Designer: Hannah Lee, Natalie Papanikolov, Michael Arnott Copywriter: Angus Tucker, Liz Allemang Illustrator: Hannah Lee Chief Creative Officer: Angus Tucker Client Service Director: Ryan O’Hagan Account Supervisor: Anneke Van Den Hof, Jamie Faltl Account Executive: Claudia Buckler Chief Strategy Officer: Megan Towers Strategist: Daavi Wolfson Producer: Erin Feldman, Andrew Lagrave Photography: Fransisco Gracia, JK Reps Client: President's Choice Children's Charity

President’s Choice Children’s Charity wanted to help solve the problem of child hunger in Canada. This necessitated a rebrand – from the logo and tagline to the voice, tone, colour palette and font across numerous applications. Kids who don’t get enough to eat in the morning are physically incapable of learning at school. So, we needed to bring food and education together. The new visual identity had to express the belief that a well-fed child has the foundation to learn, to grow, and to succeed.