Pride Flagging

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Winner: Rethink Client: Fondation Émergence Creative Director: Nicolas Quintal, Mike Dubrick Art Director: Maxime Sauté Writer: Xavier Blais, Mike Dubrick Designer: Jake Lim, Shayne Tupper, Alex Fleming, Maxime Sauté Executive Creative Director: Chris Staples, Ian Grais Producer: Todd Harrison, Kyle Hicks Strategist: Pascal Routhier Developer: Brad Stapleton Digital Artist: Alex Fleming Account Director: Alex Lefebvre Account Manager: Cendra Percy PR: Victor Brunton PR Agency: TöK Communications PR: Éric Santerre, Samantha Williams

As numerous Pride related events were taking place around the globe, the Emergence Foundation launched the first tool that automatically flags online homophobia. Pride Flagging is a Chrome Extension that scrubs Twitter for 50 hateful terms in 15 different languages, striking through them with the colours of the Pride Flag, the universal symbol for diversity and inclusion.