Rally Social Room

Environmental-Complete Environment Design - Single


ZGM Modern Marketing Partners, Edmonton, AB
e: hello@zgm.ca
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Creative Director: Kurt Beaudoin Art Director: Nicola Pringle, Brooke Langmaid Copywriter: Ryan Kenny Illustrator: Nicola Pringle, Brooke Langmaid Account Director: Salina Halabi Account Manager: Sophie McMillan Account Coordinator: Sofiya Timoshchenko Production Director: Dave Falconer Partner: Ric Williams Animator: Scott Steele Photographer: Cooper & O'Hara Media Manager: Evan Gyulai PR & Communications: Laurel Gregory PR Strategy: Paul Michna Printing Company: Cowan Graphics Custom Woodwork: Sunder Woodworks Client: Mike Yasinski

Winning Website: vimeo.com/user13784122/rallyenvironment

Rally Social Room is a new bar concept targeted at 18-24 year olds—combining party with ping pong. Through the exterior, stairwell, and entire interior space, the environment immerses bargoers with custom murals, neons, print materials, and videos. From the moment they arrived, young people knew Rally was the place to let their inner party animal out.