Poster - Series


Imédia, Quebec, QC
w: firmecreative.com

Creative Director: Marie-Joëlle Lemire Designer: Valérie Pilotte, Marie-Joëlle Lemire Infographist: Jennifer Doucet Project Director: Karine Grandmont Photographer: Alex Dozois Photographer Assistant: Gabriel Boutin Makeup Artist: Nathalie Simard Stylist: Laurence Lambert Client: Théâtre La Bordée

Reflection was the theme for the 21-22 season of the theater La Bordée. Shown by shadows, inversions, mirror's effects, blurred lines, the photographs were meant to let the public make its own interpretations of the main topic of the plays. Vibrant colours, intellectual typography and a divided composition to represent different perspectives. We wanted to confront the public about the issues each play reveals. The iconic colour was chosen to bring some light to soften the hard reality behind.