Remastered Memories

Content-Experimental/Innovative - Series


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Global Chief Creative Officer: Bas Korsten, Daniel Bonner North American Chief Creative Officer: Tom Murphy Chief Creative Officer: Ari Elkouby Associate Creative Director: Kyle Carpenter, Jose Rivas Design Director: Mike Butler Executive Integrated Producer: Jennifer Cotton Account Director: Mike Davidson Print Producer: Patrick Conway, Sherri O’Donnell Technical Director: Tim Voet Senior Integrated Producer: Iris Savage Editor: Eric Thompson EVP, Managing Director: Scott Miskie Composer: Vanya Drakul Planner: Luke Johns Client: True Patriot Love Foundation Media Agency: GroupM Audio House: Pirate Radio

Winning Website: wundermanthompson.com/work/remastered-memories

For the first time, we unearthed real soldier's letters from the archives and had them read by an image-generating platform, turning each letter's words into a unique work of art. Using artificial intelligence, we generated a series of paintings powered by the vivid descriptions of the actual sights, sounds and emotions soldiers experienced first-hand during World War 1, World War 2, Korea and Afghanistan.