Revivre Becomes Relief

Motion-Short - Single


Cossette, Montreal, QC
w: cossette.com

Client: Relief Design Studio: Cossette Chief Creative Officer: Peter Ignazi VP, Design & Branding: Barbara Jacques Art Director: Anne-Marie Clermont Designer: Marianne De L'Isle Illustrator: Marianne De L’Isle Writer: Olivier Fortin Animation House: Tonic DNA Producer: Jennifer Nadeau Animator: Myriam Elda Arsenault Production Company: Septième Agency Producer: Marie-Claude Francoeur Motion Graphics Artist: Yoan Boisjoli VP, Strategy: Florence Girod Strategy: Nathalie Houde, Andréanne Lessard Account team: Sébastien Hanssens

Winning Website: myrelief.ca

2020 was particularly difficult for those living with anxiety, depression and bipolarity. That's why NFPO Revivre rebranded to Relief this year: to bring empathy and empowerment to more Canadians in need. The new name refers to both the relief we face (life's highs and lows) and the relief we feel (after receiving support). The new visual identity is both calming and moving, with light colours, powerful illustrations and a logo that captures the essence of a mental health journey.