Sway: A Journal of Branding

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Goods & Services Branding
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Winner: Goods & Services Branding Creative Director: Carey George, Sue McCluskey Designer: Sarah Rafter, Taylor Toth, Nic Bradford, Chris D'Alessandro Writer: Andrew Peden Production Designer: Derek Moxon Writer: Mike Barber, Neeti Vijaykumar, Mike Kanert, Carey George, Sue McCluskey Project Manager: Jess Arnold, Malia Mitchell

Sway is written, designed and produced in-house at Goods & Services Branding. The journal acts as a calling-card to showcase the expertise of our agency. It takes a deeper look at the trends, challenges and opportunities at play in today’s marketing, advertising and branding worlds—with a little cheekiness along the way. For this issue—our fourth—we redesigned the journal with a bold look that complemented our agency’s new brand identity.