The Hockey Jersey

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Client: Scotiabank Chief Creative Officer: Aaron Starkman, Mike Dubrick Creative Director: Robbie Percy, Caroline Friesen, Dhaval Bhatt Art Director: Ashley Park Writer: Aman Soin Group Strategy Director: Crystal Sales Chief Strategy Officer: Sean McDonald Integrated Producer: Kate Spencer, AJ Merrick, Agnes Gilchrist Director of Broadcast Production: Nadya MacNeil Broadcast Producer: Alex Butt Production Company: Steam Films Executive Producer: Jill Brennan Line Producer: Kirsta Teague Director: James Michael Chiang Director of Photography: Keenan Lynch Editing Facility: School Editing Editor: Monica Remba Assistant Editor: Bianca Bissada Executive Producer: Sarah Brooks Colour and Finishing Facility: Darling VFX Colourist: Patrick Samaniego Colour Assistant: Eric Kingsbury Executive Producer: Will Culverwell VFX Artist: Faith Clark: Executive Producer: Morgan Campbell Audio House: OSO Audio Producer: Kristine Lippett Audio Engineer: Daenen Bramberger Engineer: Harry Knazan, Omid Geadizadeh Photographer: Steph Martynuik Executive Producer: Tristan Tran Producer: Kendra Stefankiewicz Props: Dani Reynolds Digital Tech: Jeff Jamieson Photo Assistant: Marc Santos Printer: Blain Gummow, RR Donnelley, Italic Press, Dan Thompson Media: PHD Media Director, Planning: Ellen Pereira Senior Manager, Planning: Felicia Pierskalla Manager, Planning: Drew Himel, Patrick Reynolds Manager, Activation: Mallory Thompson Manager, Social: Kristen Li Account Services: Amanda Dornan Group Business Lead: Sarah Reidlinger Group Account Director: Niki Sahni Account Director: Daniel Riggi Account Supervisor: Sandra Stainton Account Manager: Geraldine Sebastian PR Lead: Meredith Montgomery PR Manager: Chenda McKissick PR Specialist: Kaitlyn Vian PR Coordinator: Claire Tam Creative Operations Manager: Tara Lush Benson Client Supervisor: Laura Curtis Ferrera, Mike Tasevski, John Rocco, Katie O'Donovan, James Savage, Matthew Dicker, Kelsey Wolff, Nick Kalyn, Kaitlyn Keon, Callie Carkner, Doug Johnson, Charlene Callaghan, Kelty Reid, Ashley Eaton, Arturo Montano Osorio, Ana Fonseca, Dillon Scheenaard, Shefali Vyas, Maja Protuger

Most children’s hockey books don’t feature diverse characters. So as part of its hockey for all platform, we worked with Scotiabank to create The Hockey Jersey, a new hockey book to help more kids see themselves in the game. The Hockey Jersey is the story of a young girl named Kareema taking a big step into the locker room and into the world of hockey. As she meets her team, Kareema will realize something unique about the game of hockey as her biggest fans cheer on. We worked with author Jael Richardson and illustrator Chelsea Charles to create a story featuring a diverse case that resonates with children from all walks of life.