The Unburnable Book

Cause-Related Creative Response - Single


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Client: Penguin Random House Chief Creative Officer: Aaron Starkman Chief Strategy Officer: Sean McDonald Executive Creative Director: Mike Dubrick Creative Director: Robbie Percy, Caroline Friesen Art Director: Caroline Friesen Writer: Robbie Percy Director of Broadcast Production: Steph Walker-Wells Broadcast Producer: Alex Butt Director of Print Production: AJ Merrick Print Producer: Agnes Gilchrist Studio Director: Brad Kumar Studio Artist: Todd Bennett Director of Digital Content: Todd Harrison Digital Producer: Kyle Hicks Digital Designer: Dustin Gamble Developer: Steve Lam Editorial Lead: Lianne George Account Services: Marie Lunny Production Company: Asymetric Executive Producer: Evan Landry, Nick Burry Director: Brooks Reynolds Editor: Christopher Chang Director of photography: Kiel Milligan Line Producer: Iseault McNamara Post Production House: Saints Editorial On-Line: Alexa Salsberg Executive Producer: Mackenzie Goodwin, Emily McKay Post Production House: Darling VFX Producer: Morgan Campbell On-Line Assistant: Russell Hanson Grading: Kassi Bellamy Audio House: OSO Audio Producer: Hannah Graham Engineer: Harry Knazan, Daenen Bramberger Pyrotechnics and VFX: Gustavo Franco Printing and Props: Club Ink, Joe Scout Printing and Fabrication: The Gas Company Inc., Doug Laxdal, Jeremy Martin Client Supervisor: Jared Bland

Across the United States, books are being banned and burned at an alarming rate. In response to this wave of censorship, we worked with Penguin Random House to create an unburnable edition of The Handmaid’s Tale made entirely from fireproof materials. Then, we got Margaret Atwood to test it with a flamethrower.