The Wild Mushroom Cookbook

Editorial-Complete Book Design - Single


Sofia Pusa
t: +358 45 638 53 82

Winner: Sofia Pusa Writer: Sami Tallberg Designer: Sofia Pusa Illustrator: Sofia Pusa Photographer: Olga Poppius, Lasse Kosonen Stylist: Minna Lilja

I created the book design and 15 mushroom illustrations for Villisienikeittokirja (The Wild Mushroom Cookbook) by Sami Tallberg. Sami Tallberg is a Finnish chef and food writer known especially for his foraging and wild food-focused books, catering and courses. The task was to design a book that would be “psychedelic, magical and elegant”. I created the energetic book design including vibrant illustrations and a bright colour scheme to reflect the sparkling character of the author Sami Tallberg.