Toms In Town

Consumer Products - Series


Caserne, Montreal, QC
e: info@caserne.com
w: caserne.com

Creative Director: Léo Breton-Allaire, Ugo Varin Lachapelle Graphic Designer: Marianne Isabelle Project Manager: Andrée-Anne David Photographer: Alex Blouin, Jodi Heartz Motion Graphics Artist: Studio Nord-Est Copywriter: Victoria Bevilacqua, Marie J. Cadieux Client: Toms In Town

Toms In Town stems from the desire to bring quality products to the period market. The tampon cases were developed to keep your tampons clean and protected. The graphic identity has a confident attitude to distance itself from the shame often associated with period-related products. The design process started in parallel to the industrial design to ensure a harmony between the object and the brand. The juxtaposition of the two T's in the icon was inspired by the case and its two equal parts.